Sunday, 1 March 2015

Current Playlist

Music plays a predominant role in my day to day life, I've always got my earphones in or blasting music round my house. As it's half term I've been travelling a lot and all those train, bus and car journeys have caused me to use my iPod a lot, so I thought I'd share my current playlist.

1. Ariana Grande - One Last Time
 This isn't my usual type of music to go for but this song is just so catchy and I've had it on repeat way too much. Grande really is a damn good singer.

2. Twin Atlantic - Fall into the Party 
My friend got me Twin Atlantic's Great Divide Vinyl for my birthday because she knows how much I adore them, and I've literally had it playing all the time. My family are sick of hearing me play this album now, Fall into the Party has been my favourite from the album since I saw Twin Atlantic late last year, I miss the vibe of that gig so much.

3. Lower Than Atlantis - Emily
I heard this on Radio 1 a while back and it was just one of those songs that I instantly liked and downloaded straight away. It's the only song I know by Lower Than Atlantis so I'm up for any suggestions of their other music in the comments below!

4. Alex & Sierra - Little Do You Know
Again, not my usual type of music but there's something about this song that I just love. I've also come across some amazing covers of this song on YouTube.

5. Sia - Elastic Heart
Sia literally has one of the most amazing voices ever, there has been a lot of controversy around Sia recently because of the video to this song and because of her refusal to show her face during interviews and performances. Personally I think Sia's work is great, I love how she doesn't want the spotlight to be on her, she wants people to focus more on her music and hence why she doesn't show her face. I don't think it's rude in the slightest, sure it might be a bit weird to not face an interviewer but that because Sia's not conforming to what we're used to. On a lighter note, can we please just appreciate how talented Maddie Ziegler is in both Elastic Heart and Chandelier, that kid has buckets of talent.

6. Don Broco - You Wanna Know
Listen to this and love it.

7. The XCERTS - Pop Song.
I definitely have a thing for Scottish bands, no shame. The Xcerts were Twin Atlantic's supports act when I saw them in 2014 and I loved them so much! Definitely give them a listen if you haven't already.

8. James Bay - Scars
My friend introduced me to James Bay a few weeks ago and I think I'm a little obsessed with his voice. This is definitely my favourite of his along with Hold Back the River and If You Ever Want  To Be In Love.

9. Mcfly - Love is Easy
Old but gold.

10. 5 Seconds of Summer - End Up Here
Not so guilty pleasure. So excited to be seeing them again this summer!

what's your favourite song/s at the moment?Amy xx

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  1. These are literally my fav songs ever right now! Another one of my new favourite song is Ed Sheeran- Runaway
    -Morgan x