Friday, 20 February 2015

It's time to leave this old black and white town..

Some of the best days are spent on the road travelling to new places to explore or revisiting old loved places. I find where I live is so dull, and I've spent many days wandering round with friends trying to find new cool things where we live but I'm almost 100% certain we've over explored it (if that's even possible). I can't wait to pass my driving test and get my own car so that I am able to just take myself off with friends to find new things. 

Personally, I absolutely love photography, I'm not necessarily any good at it but it's something I want to feature quite a bit on my blog. We took a trip out today so as usual I brought along my camera to see if I could get some decent shots. 

Hole of Horcum

North Yorkshire Moors

Road Ahead

The road just before you dip down the hill into Slates gives the best views of the Sea.
Try to love all the people. Open your heart, forgive.

Whitby Pier.
Where are some of your favourite places to take a day trip to? 
Amy xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I have only ever been to London twice in my life, once when I was about 7 which I barely remember and once back in 2012 with school which consisted of 3 west end shows, singing lessons, dancing lessons, BBC studios tour and shopping time all crammed into 3 days. So it was nice to head down to London yesterday with my family for a more relaxing day out (I say relaxing but the underground was far from that). 

The 2 hour train journey went much faster than expected  and we were in Kings Cross for lunch time.

I'd never been on the London underground before and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. First impression: mental. The escalators are some of the longest, steepest escalators ever and they have a system where you stand to the right so anyone in a rush can run down the left hand side, clever but very odd. Getting on the tube itself is manic, it makes no difference whether you've been there first waiting for the next one or if you're running down those escalators last minute, you've got to fight for your place on that tube and even if you do get on you're squished up to some glass trying your hardest to grab on to a bar so you don't topple over when it sets off. Oh and you also get probably less than a minute to let people off before  pushing your way on, it's crazy. I have no idea how people can put up with the underground everyday.

I love the cool quirky signs that restaurants around London has & these cakes looked so amazing I couldn't resist taking a photo of them.

We headed over to China Town for a bit & sorry for more cake photos but just look how cool they are!

We had a quick coffee break to kill some time before heading to Piccadilly Theatre to see Jersey Boys which was absolutely insane, I'd definitely go see it again!!

We spent a little time in Piccadilly Circus before taking the underground back to Kings Cross where we had a meal while waiting for our train home. It was such a good day out, I love London so much, we're definitely planning to go back in Summer to visit Camden Market and Baker Street.

Amy xox