Friday, 20 February 2015

It's time to leave this old black and white town..

Some of the best days are spent on the road travelling to new places to explore or revisiting old loved places. I find where I live is so dull, and I've spent many days wandering round with friends trying to find new cool things where we live but I'm almost 100% certain we've over explored it (if that's even possible). I can't wait to pass my driving test and get my own car so that I am able to just take myself off with friends to find new things. 

Personally, I absolutely love photography, I'm not necessarily any good at it but it's something I want to feature quite a bit on my blog. We took a trip out today so as usual I brought along my camera to see if I could get some decent shots. 

Hole of Horcum

North Yorkshire Moors

Road Ahead

The road just before you dip down the hill into Slates gives the best views of the Sea.
Try to love all the people. Open your heart, forgive.

Whitby Pier.
Where are some of your favourite places to take a day trip to? 
Amy xx


  1. Those pictures look amazing!
    I love to go to The Hague or Amsterdam. Both places are lovely! :)

    X Marjolein

    1. Thank you! oo yes I'd love to go to Amsterdam too!
      Amy x

  2. Lovely photos, I love by the seaside so it's fun going there!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog