Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lush Haul

Someone needs to refrain me from Lush any time of year but especially in winter when I usually have more baths and therefore splurge out on many more bath goodies. A Lush sale on boxing day could not go amiss so I was soon filling up my basket and grabbing the last of the Christmas selections.

Father Christmas - This one is definitely my favourite, you simply pop it in the water and watch it work it's magic. As the bath bomb starts to dissolve a very christmassy green begins to emerge and this is the colour your bath ends up. It smells amazing and left my skin feeling so soft.

Magic Wand - I've already vowed to buy this one next Christmas because it's just so good! With this one you just put it under your running tap or swirl it round in the water and it creates bubbles. The best thing about this is you can use it again and again, it lasts such a long time and if you're a fan of snow fairy then I'd definitely try this out because it has a very similar scent.

Butterbear - I wasn't too sure when I bought this because the scent wasn't one that i was drawn to but i wanted to give it a try. I'd say it has a bit of a vanilla smell, it doesn't do anything fancy to your bath like most of the other lush bath bombs but I'll definitely be buying this one again. It made my skin feel so soft and amazing, I didn't even need to bother moisturizing when I got out of the bath.

I've been unsure whether I should post this or not as these are some of the Christmas range from lush however I figured they often sell these products year after year so this may be relevant for future reference. I would love to hear your favourite lush products in the comments, and I would be happy to hear any recommendations.

Amy xx

Sunday, 4 January 2015

My 2014

This post may be slightly late but seen as it's only the 4th January I thought..why not! 2014 has been a huge roller-coaster of  a year for me, I'd probably class it as my best but also my worst year. This blog has now been running since the summer and with a poor 2 posts since then, 2015 is definitely the year I want to take this a little more seriously.
After many lows nearer the start of the year and the stress of exams taking up my entire life until June, I then got to have one of the best summers yet, absolutely nothing to worry about and so much time on my hands, it was the most happy I'd felt in far too long. From summer onwards has just been getting better and better.

I'm not one to usually make New Years Resolutions, purely because I never stick to them and therefore don't see the point in them, however this year I definitely want to progress with my blog and post more regularly. What are your new year resolutions?

 This was just a short quick post to wish you all a very happy new year and I hope 2015 is a good one! I thought I'd share a few photos to sum up my 2014.

Amy xoxo