Saturday, 16 August 2014

Holiday Diaries: Part 1

My family and I took off in our car with our fold in camper in tow the other week and headed down to the Isle of Wight for 11 days for our summer holiday.
Camping is our favorite thing to do and the Isle of Wight is one of our favorite places, so we were all extremely excited. We had such an amazing time and I took over 500 photos (which is probably way too many), so i thought, why not start off my blog by talking about my time on holiday!

Day 1:

We woke up extremely early on Wednesday 30th July and took the long journey right down to Southampton where we boarded our ferry over to Cowes. The weather was amazing so we sat outside in the sun and watched as we got closer and closer to our destination. This was the fourth time i have visited the Isle Of Wight and I will never tire of the place!
After the long drive and setting up the camper, we were extremely hungry and all too tired to stand and cook something to eat, so we decided to head out and get takeaway pizza and eat it down on the seafront (literal heaven). We decided to take a walk along the seafront and then headed back for an early night.

Day 2:

I was bouncing with happiness when i woke the next day to find out the sun was out once again and instantly asked mum if we could spend the day down at the beach. Over an amazing cooked breakfast we decided to drive over to SeaView and spend the day on the beach. Seaview is a small seaside town which looks across the Solent to Portsmouth and is such a lovely place to spend the day on the beach if you ever visit the isle of wight! 

Day 3:
My Brother and Dad have had a passion for fishing for some years now, and as the campsite we stayed in has two ponds, they were both keen to see what they could catch there, so hey headed down with all their gear and set up for the day. Fishing is not something that interests me or mum in the slightest so we left them too it and drive 10 minutes down the road to a place called Arreton barns. 
We had visited here once before when i was younger but I barely remember it at all. They have a selection of small shops all selling items handmade on the island, and they had an old fashioned penny arcade. My favorite amongst these shops definitely had to be the sweet shop, you could smell yummyness before you even stepped through the door, I somehow managed to refrain myself from buying out the whole shop! They had tons of old signs hung up and the pub there homed many more of these. 

That afternoon, my Brother and Dad were still enjoying themselves down at the pond, so me and mum decided to spend the afternoon at the swimming pool in the campsite. We luckily managed to get the last two sun loungers and I spent the afternoon just relaxing and reading one of the many books i took away with me.

Next part of my holiday will be up soon!

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